Our Expanding Identities

We have practice with changing our identities. The child ballerina can move into the aspiring nurse, into the inspiring teacher, into the mother, into the grandmother world traveler, and into the wise crone. A young soccer player puts away his shin guards, becomes the editor of the school newspaper, the inventor, a father, a global activist, and a wise mentor (either gender in any role). We find comfort and stability in our identities. What has been your identity journey? Where are you now in who you tell yourself you are? Who does the world tell you to be?

I recently entered the Transformational Author Contest, stimulating an acknowledgment within myself that I accept the identity of being an author, and one who has a message to share. It was not automatic. I had to vanquish all the Ego gremlins that said I was not worthy, not good enough, not experienced enough—you know the battle. What won the battle for me was

I took time to quiet my mind (I tell it to be cradled in Universal Mind and breathe in six directions—up, down, front, back, sides)
Focus in my heart (I use HeartMath)
Find my deepest knowing (I visualize my Core Column of Light just in front of and attached to my spine, extending into the earth’s center and up to Source)

Then I was clear that sharing words that teach or inspire is part of who I am. In the old perspective that would be enough. But there is a difference in these times.

Have you noticed that you sometimes feel blind-sided by what is happening in your life and those close to you? Are you feeling more confusion and frustration when old methods of organizing and decision-making aren’t working? My lists used to insure that I would get everything important done—now they often aren’t worth the scrap paper they’re written on. Other organizing systems fall short as well.

It is accepted by many of our world’s finest minds that we are in a time of unparalleled change—of the very earth we live on and in all our society’s systems. Many concerned with human consciousness and the energetic matrix surrounding us agree that the foundation we have used to stabilize us and provide direction for our lives is shifting so much that we feel lost. Old methods of centering and “getting back to ourselves” don’t do the job anymore. Who are we now?

Anodea Judith, in her book, Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love, writes that initiations of change..”were designed to break down the smaller ego-self in order to embrace a larger web of life. From this wider perspective, one’s own life can then take on deeper meaning and purpose, one that is in alignment–and therefore in service– to the greater whole.” Only when I expand my identity into the multidimensional Universe, and find the unlabeled Being at my center do I move forward with calm. Only when my basic identity is one who serves the wider evolution of humanity, the planet and the Cosmos do I trust my individual well-being and know what action to take in the moment. We can help one another realize and practice this change, and ask not only who I really am, but who am I expecting you to be—and then let go and feel who you really are.

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