These Unprecedented, Amazing Times

I am revisiting my blog. So many things are important to share now. The community of our global citizenship is happening. Previously dissimilar, even oppositional, viewpoints and “access points” for Divine information or Cosmic Intelligence are coming together and presenting a unified message. One may need to translate a few words out of the jargon of a particular thought system, but the energetic message is the same. However, each “access point” brings its own shade of vibration so that all people can find what resonates with them. I offer this video by Patricia Cota Robles as one experience that may assist you. Here is information from her online biography:

“Patricia is cofounder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity‚Äôs Purpose, Inc., which sponsors the Annual World Congress On Illumination. Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. She now spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these Celestial Sharings is to give Humanity greater clarity and understanding, as we progress through these wondrous but extremely challenging times on Earth.

Patricia’s philosophy is: Every person is precious and Divine, regardless of how far his or her behavior patterns and life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. We are not the victims of our lives. We are the cocreators of our lives.”

The first five minutes of the video are general inspirational information, and the last ten minutes are an energetic “download” to shift your DNA. Choose what you would like to experience.

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