All things evolve–babies, ecological systems, businesses, relationships, seasons, Earth, galaxies, etc.  We are the first generations of humans that are consciously aware of our own place in and connection to the process of evolution.  Some of us feel an inner urge compelling us to seek what we feel is possible for human society to become–cooperation instead of competition, connection instead of isolation, regeneration instead of disintegration.  It is the African concept/practice of Ubuntu–Oneness of all life:  I thrive only if you are thriving.

Many of today’s leading-edge thinkers, scientists, mystics and sages are talking about the unprecedented change that happened about 12/21/2012. The great majority of them agree that it initiated the end of society, as we know it. The chaos evident in many aspects of our planet is now seen as the breakdown that allows breakthroughs.  There are many indicators that this is so:

  • ·         The state of the world economy has catalyzed towns to instigate multiple currencies where purchasing credit is given for creativity and service
  • ·         The atmospheric weather changes have catalyzed widespread sustainability practices
  • ·         We are moving closer and closer to respect and equality for those previously disenfranchised 

From throughout the world, the wisest of us are seeing a similar solution. For the first time in history we understand that our thoughts/energy create. We know that groups of us joined together with a focused intent affect outcomes.  Research shows the positive effect of group prayer. Another study by the Transcendental Meditation organization had 4,000 people in Washington D.C. meditate each day for two weeks to reduce crime.  Crime initially fell dramatically to twenty-four percent, and decreased each day until the end of the project.  It then immediately rose again.1          

We know that nature promotes those organisms that cooperate, and that nature inherently wants to seek balance. We know that evolution has happened in leaps and spurts throughout history.  We know deep in our core that we can make a difference in ourselves and through that, in our planet. But how?

It begins with a passionate commitment to become all that you have the potential to be; then shining your awareness in every moment on all aspects of your life, asking if you are living in the way you choose for the future and in the way that brings joy and peace now.  As we live more and more from love and connection, the aspects of ourselves that are not in harmony with that (like judgments and attachments) are brought to the surface for release, and it is often not very comfortable—but easier if you have support and recognize that is what is happening.  

The next step is to participate in co-creating from your “best expanded self”, whether through Resonant Circles, shared evolutionary events locally or online, or asking for like-hearted others to risk journeying together into uncharted terrain.  The days of fierce independence are over, that is if we want ease and excitement in our days.  What a gift to experience the unlimited possibilities of living in these times!

1  J. S. Hagel, et al., “Effects of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington DC:  Results of the National Demonstration Project, June—July, 1993,” Social Indicators Research, 1994; 47:  153-201.

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