Conscious Evolution 201


We are all in this evolution boat together. Yes we have individual responses and we are at individual points along the path toward becoming a new humanity, and we share the destination which we are co-creating as we go.  I want to write about two of the keys that make our journey easier and more likely to energize the greatest of the possibilities.

The first is intention.  For those of us who like the validation of science, Dr. Bruce Lipton, considered the “father” of epigenetics (“above genetics”), calls the most powerful influence on how we and our bodies express in the world a “signal”.  This signal comes from our mind and its interpretation of our environment. This signal can also be named intention.  It therefore is the primary building block of all of our life experience in this physical reality–we have the power over all of our life circumstances.  It may be difficult to accept the power of intention, but it can also free us from our cultural tendency to experience victimization.  Conscious evolutionary intention is crucial for our moving forward individually and as a society.  I share here some suggestions from my guidance, so see if it resonates with you:  “This is a time when clarity of intention is becoming more and more important because manifestation is becoming more and more immediate.  It is therefore quite important that you purify your own intentions and energy fields as you become master manifestors.  Be really clear about who you want to be.”

The second key is attending to the body. A unique factor about this time is that not only is our consciousness evolving in a major leap, but many sages agree that the body is transmuting into a very different form. This does not mean we are going to look like little green men or women, it means that gradually our bodies will be able to accommodate the changes in our consciousness and be co-creators of our life with our essence.  I experienced how we can change our body’s unwanted condition (pain) in a minute.  I was in a powerful energetic field with others who were also holding that intention, and it is a skill that is available for all of us.  Learning to communicate with the body and respond to what it needs is highly important. For each of us it may be different, but many areas like diet, sleep, movement, tension release, and connection with the earth (no rubber soles or asphalt) need adjusting—or maybe major overhaul.  Gratefully acknowledging every day the amazing beauty, incredible complexity, and consistent service that our bodies provide us opens communication with them and allows their evolution with grace and ease. 

My guidance highlights the unique opportunity of being human:  “Honor the tasks, lessons and mistakes that you make on the earth plane.  There is no experience anywhere else in the universe that compares.  …it is a laboratory with equipment that exists in no other realm.  Honor the denseness of the energy that you have experienced.  It allows the dissection of experience that is not possible when things happen at the speed of light.  Your five physical senses lend the richness to your time on earth that is not duplicated elsewhere.”  Let’s intend to savor every moment.

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