What is planetary awakening? What does it mean to you?  These may be the most important questions we can be asking.  Many have foretold this time in history and say we achieved the tipping point for the birth of a new humanity, a new planet on December 21, 2012.  So what’s next?

When I share information from my guidance (in italics), take only what resonates with you.  5/2015:  We want to speak about what is coming and what you will have a choice to align with or not.  The expansion of the high vibrational light and love energy that is coming to the planet in June will open further possibilities. (And it has accelerated since June:  September’s Super Red Blood Full Moon Eclipse was the fourth full moon eclipse in a row, not seen since 1982 and not again until 2033, Wave X gamma rays and much more).  You may choose to continue to live your lives in the same basic pattern that you now do.  …You may also choose and allow opportunities that move you into a transmuted universal being.  The shift will not come overnight, but you will be offered opportunities that if you open your awareness to recognize them will lead you to what you might consider drastic changes in your life. 

It is a time for compassion for your past way of being and a time for mutual support, holding one another in love and acceptance and seeing one another as the universal beings you are becoming.  

Earth has never attempted a shift of this comprehensive magnitude.  Our minds have no template, no history to rely on. Most of us use our mental analysis as the first tool to lead us into action.  That is futile for the decisions we now need to make.  Only by gently redirecting our minds into quiet and opening our hearts to listen can we find the answers now.

You can ask for the support of the multitude of beings in other dimensions who deeply wish to assist you in this time of transmutation. Ask for that support in any moment where you feel challenged or separate.  

This universal self, quantum self or whole being that we are moving into becomes consciously aware of our energetic being that expands into the universe and beyond. When we allow this awareness we know and feel our presence in many dimensions beyond the physical. which connects us with the knowings and answers for moving forward in creating the planet that we deeply desire. This awareness is intensified when we come together with that intent.

This is a time unprecedented in human history.  You have chosen to be here at this time to enhance your own evolution and to assist in this grand experiment of the evolution of an entire planet, catalyzing evolution in all dimensions.  Hold the vision of the planetary whole organism that you want to see, allowing for expansion beyond even that which you can now imagine. 

Each of us has a different part to play, our unique role to fill, our piece of the puzzle to complete. Free will allows us to choose what aspects we want to live out in our lives. 

The Nobel Prize Winner Ilya Prigogine writes, “A system in balance and functioning well is difficult to change, but as a system falls into disorder, change becomes more and more feasible and finally inevitable.  At that inevitable point the least bit of coherence can bring to order the whole disorderly array.”   I believe we are at that point. 

Barbara Marx Hubbard had a vision to create Vision 2020: The Planetary Awakening of Love.  She says,” the mission is to connect the co-creators worldwide to activate the planetary awakening of love in time to make the shift from devolution to evolution.  We are in the quantum field where there is instantaneous connectedness and manifestation through intention.”   What will each of us contribute to this planetary awakening? 

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