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Kathryn Brewer

Marriage and Family Therapist

    (California License MFC9306)

Licensed Educational Psychologist

    (Inactive CA License LEP624)

Credentialed School Psychologist

Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide


For more information, or to schedule a complimentary thirty-minute phone or in-person Discovering Possibilities session, please call 805-550-2625.

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I bring more to my work and writings than the decades of experience and training as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and School Psychologist.  Being born an empath with other gifts that were not understood or accepted in my Midwest childhood, I know the pain of hiding and missing out on life.  The reactions from others to my empathic responses and "knowings" were distressful enough to me that I chose at age ten to try to shut all of them down.  It is particularly important to me to offer assistance to the children today who I see struggling to find validation and understanding of the gifts they have been given.  I know the path to healing, finding self-acceptance and bold expression of who you are. 

Answering the call to offer trauma healing to the genocide orphans in Rwanda took my skills to a new depth and opened inner vistas.  It inspired me to dissolve barriers and connect the youth of all cultures. 

It has become clear to me that we are on the threshold of a major shift in human consciousness.  Being personally mentored for a year by Barbara Marx Hubbard catapulted me into the global community of change-makers, spiritual activists and leaders in coalesing consciousness to move forward into a world that works for all.  My childhood gift of connecting to other realms or higher vibrational states of consciousness and knowing has been honed and is now the primary basis for my work.  

I believe many of the youth are equipped with abilities that hold the answers to co-creating our greatest possible future. As Albert Einstein has said, "You cannot solve a problem in the same mind set with which it was created".  I am dedicated to empowering youth to find, validate, and express their gifts in harmony with those around them and the global community. I feel honored to assist you or your child(ren) in making your possibilities real.

To learn more about some of the methods I use, go to the Energy Psychology page.  To learn more about the services I offer, go to Being EssenceOpen Sphere and to Workshops and Classes pages.  To learn more about my experiences and thoughts, go to my blog at Blog.  To learn more about my research on the children of today, go to Today's Kids page.  To learn more about my work in Rwanda, click on Project LIGHT Rwanda. To learn more about the growing awareness about the times in which we live go to Conscious Evolution.



Certified:  Phoenix Effect Process                                          Credentialed School Psychologist

Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide                        Barbara Marx Hubbard Mentee

Trained in Energy Psychology Modalities                               Trained in HeartMath                             

 B. S.:  Kansas State University                                               M. Ed.:  University of Missouri

Post-graduate work: 

University of LaVerne      U.C.L.A.       Pepperdine University        California Lutheran University



California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)       

Central Coast Chapter of CAMFT (Co-Founder)

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

Charter Member HeartMath Institute



Resonant Steward of GOOD OF THE WHOLE

Global Purpose Movement                                                      EarthLove

                        Communion of Pioneering Souls (Part of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution)