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Conscious Evolution 201


We are all in this evolution boat together. Yes we have individual responses and we are at individual points along the path toward becoming a new humanity, and we share the destination which we are co-creating as we go.  I want to write about two of the keys that make our journey easier and more likely to energize the greatest of the possibilities.

The first is intention.  For those of us who like the validation of science, Dr. Bruce Lipton, considered the “father” of epigenetics (“above genetics”), calls the most powerful influence on how we and our bodies express in the world a “signal”.  This signal comes from our mind and its interpretation of our environment. This signal can also be named intention.  It therefore is the primary building block of all of our life experience in this physical reality--we have the power over all of our life circumstances.  It may be difficult to accept the power of intention, but it can also free us from our cultural tendency to experience victimization.  Conscious evolutionary intention is crucial for our moving forward individually and as a society.  I share here some suggestions from my guidance, so see if it resonates with you:  “This is a time when clarity of intention is becoming more and more important because manifestation is becoming more and more immediate.  It is therefore quite important that you purify your own intentions and energy fields as you become master manifestors.  Be really clear about who you want to be.”

The second key is attending to the body. A unique factor about this time is that not only is our consciousness evolving in a major leap, but many sages agree that the body is transmuting into a very different form. This does not mean we are going to look like little green men or women, it means that gradually our bodies will be able to accommodate the changes in our consciousness and be co-creators of our life with our essence.  I experienced how we can change our body’s unwanted condition (pain) in a minute.  I was in a powerful energetic field with others who were also holding that intention, and it is a skill that is available for all of us.  Learning to communicate with the body and respond to what it needs is highly important. For each of us it may be different, but many areas like diet, sleep, movement, tension release, and connection with the earth (no rubber soles or asphalt) need adjusting—or maybe major overhaul.  Gratefully acknowledging every day the amazing beauty, incredible complexity, and consistent service that our bodies provide us opens communication with them and allows their evolution with grace and ease. 

My guidance highlights the unique opportunity of being human:  “Honor the tasks, lessons and mistakes that you make on the earth plane.  There is no experience anywhere else in the universe that compares.  …it is a laboratory with equipment that exists in no other realm.  Honor the denseness of the energy that you have experienced.  It allows the dissection of experience that is not possible when things happen at the speed of light.  Your five physical senses lend the richness to your time on earth that is not duplicated elsewhere.”  Let’s intend to savor every moment.



All things evolve--babies, ecological systems, businesses, relationships, seasons, Earth, galaxies, etc.  We are the first generations of humans that are consciously aware of our own place in and connection to the process of evolution.  Some of us feel an inner urge compelling us to seek what we feel is possible for human society to become--cooperation instead of competition, connection instead of isolation, regeneration instead of disintegration.  It is the African concept/practice of Ubuntu--Oneness of all life:  I thrive only if you are thriving.

Many of today’s leading-edge thinkers, scientists, mystics and sages are talking about the unprecedented change that happened about 12/21/2012. The great majority of them agree that it initiated the end of society, as we know it. The chaos evident in many aspects of our planet is now seen as the breakdown that allows breakthroughs.  There are many indicators that this is so:

  • ·         The state of the world economy has catalyzed towns to instigate multiple currencies where purchasing credit is given for creativity and service
  • ·         The atmospheric weather changes have catalyzed widespread sustainability practices
  • ·         We are moving closer and closer to respect and equality for those previously disenfranchised 

From throughout the world, the wisest of us are seeing a similar solution. For the first time in history we understand that our thoughts/energy create. We know that groups of us joined together with a focused intent affect outcomes.  Research shows the positive effect of group prayer. Another study by the Transcendental Meditation organization had 4,000 people in Washington D.C. meditate each day for two weeks to reduce crime.  Crime initially fell dramatically to twenty-four percent, and decreased each day until the end of the project.  It then immediately rose again.1          

We know that nature promotes those organisms that cooperate, and that nature inherently wants to seek balance. We know that evolution has happened in leaps and spurts throughout history.  We know deep in our core that we can make a difference in ourselves and through that, in our planet. But how?

It begins with a passionate commitment to become all that you have the potential to be; then shining your awareness in every moment on all aspects of your life, asking if you are living in the way you choose for the future and in the way that brings joy and peace now.  As we live more and more from love and connection, the aspects of ourselves that are not in harmony with that (like judgments and attachments) are brought to the surface for release, and it is often not very comfortable—but easier if you have support and recognize that is what is happening.  

The next step is to participate in co-creating from your “best expanded self”, whether through Resonant Circles, shared evolutionary events locally or online, or asking for like-hearted others to risk journeying together into uncharted terrain.  The days of fierce independence are over, that is if we want ease and excitement in our days.  What a gift to experience the unlimited possibilities of living in these times!

1  J. S. Hagel, et al., “Effects of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington DC:  Results of the National Demonstration Project, June—July, 1993,” Social Indicators Research, 1994; 47:  153-201.



We know this is a time of great change.  Mary Manin Morrissey (Living Full Spectrum) says, “We are living in the most exciting, challenging time in history.  Our environmental and societal crises are really a spiritual crisis.  Historians will look back on the 21st Century and see it as the time of the great awakening.” 

The upcoming Resonant Circle on Wednesday, May 21st, will be focused on the Earth and our environment.  Whether it is the alert to the attempt for control and exclusionary restrictions for the internet or the unregulated, untested, destructive geoengineered chemtrails across our skies, or the drought/floods, there is plenty to raise concern in this moment of time.  We will use a protocol for energetic shifting of environmental toxins, and ask for information from the Resonant Circle we create together. 

As part of the change, we are becoming co-creators of our environment, our society.  Katharine Roske and Carolyn Anderson say it well in their The Co-Creators Handbook:  “When groups come together in a field of love, safety, and mutual trust—the creativity, power, and wisdom of each person is liberated.  The sense of separation within people that leads to war, crime, pollution, and disorder is healed. …The pyramid structure is giving way to the circle and ordinary citizens are being empowered to express their full potential.  Domination is giving way to partnership.  Outer authority is succumbing to inner knowing.  Core Groups are emerging to support and empower personal and planetary transformation.”  Resonant Circles are a key technique for our future.

There are various names for Resonant Circles such as Vistar Circles, Shift Circles, Evolutionary Circles, Conscious Communication, but they all label opportunities for people to come together into energetic resonance around a common theme and intention.  Guidelines help make it more difficult for the Ego to be in charge, and easier for each individual to speak from their Essence or highest state of being.  Participating in the circles expands and evolves you as the combined hearts create a vibrational field that opens wider channels of information and moves your perspective from personal issues to the bigger picture—including the bigger picture of who you are.  There is a ripple effect that also expands and evolves the energy available to all of humanity.  It is another gift you can give.  

In the beginning of the circle HeartMath and other tools assist you to move more into your heart space and connect with the hearts of others.  A question is then asked, and each individual allows answers to flow from their higher wisdom.  

Here is a response from one of the participants in recent circles:

"This resonant circle has allowed me to hear what my soul wants. By just being present you can heal yourself and beyond. This has been an amazing experience, finding my soul's path. Join a resonant circle and share in the healing."  D.T. 

There are two circles remaining on the schedule, Wednesdays 5/21 and 6/4.  We welcome all who feel drawn to co-create the next transformative experience.

 Basic FactsFirst and Third Wednesdays      3/19/14 to 6/4/14,     6:30 to 8:00 PM

  Cost: $10 per session

                                         Held at QuietStar Center, a perfume-free environment 


For more info, contact Kathryn at (805)550-2625 or 

To register:  for all options, including credit card payment. Or call 805-783-2662.



Last week I attended a valuable workshop presented by a local Marriage and Family Therapist, Stacy Guisse.  Although her title:  “Exploration Before Explanation”:  The Imaginal Approach & Intermodal Therapy Techniques forEngaging with Youth & Families, was intended for other therapists, the experience was personal and transformative.   

One of the gems I heard from Stacy was “the beauty of discipline.”  It was a perspective that released knots of tightness in my body.  As a society we tend to identify discipline with punishment—what do you feel when you remember seeing students (or yourself) sent to the school administrator in charge of discipline?  Dictionary definitions include “a systematic method to obtain obedience” and “a state of order based on submission to rules and authority”—my inner teen/rebel really loves that!  (Not!!)  No wonder we procrastinate about getting organized and “disciplined”.  Yet we know we need order in our lives to fully express ourselves in the world and to meet our daily needs.  Another definition to be found is “training that produces moral or mental improvement.”  Even that suggests that we are somehow lacking and must be improved, but it is getting closer to the view I want to adopt.  

It is known that adults establish their ability to manage themselves from the modeling and actions of their parents in setting boundaries and responding to the need for re-direction of behavior.  Children who have the benefit of conscious parenting are way ahead in self-discipline as adults, but that is another discussion.  

If we look at self-discipline as coming from the word “disciple” we can understand that self-discipline is following, honoring, trusting, believing in and learning from oneself.  So to formulate a consistent intention and follow the form it creates is not only a way to nurture oneself, but the path to transformation.  It is an axiom in the healing arts that in order to bring about change and expansion for a person, the one assisting must first meet the person where they are—to honor them as they are, to trust that a part of them knows what they need, to believe in their capacity to transform, and to engage in a mutual journey of observing and learning together.  As individuals and as humanity we are in a time of unprecedented transformation.  We are often aware that even when it seems we have an instant, significant change in our way of being, we have been preparing and prepared for a long time—even lifetimes.  

A favorite teacher of mine, Aleya Dao, in an interview shared a practice that she credits as the beginning of her success in serving more and more people.  She scheduled an appointment every week with herself to nurture herself using all the skills she shared with others.  This to me is a prime example of self-discipline.  What if you began to savor the opportunity to see what consistent practices would create health, peace, understanding, abundance (including money), joy and love?  What if you followed your chosen schedule or practice or attitude with relish?  What if you saw the beauty in your self-discipline?  I, for one, am going to try that on for size.

I would love to see your thoughts about this.  Go to my Facebook page, Kathryn Brewer, MFT, LEP to leave comments.       






It’s been just over two weeks since I returned from the Transformational Authors Breakthrough conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  What happens when over 100 people from seven countries who have a message to share that will make a positive difference in the lives of others gather in a room filled with love, led by a woman who has said “Yes” to her own transformation?  I found out—and this picture captures the joy. 

I heard about the Transformational Authors’ Breakthrough back in May from participating in Christine Kloser’s teleseminar, The Transformational Author Experience.   I quickly rejected attending because of its $1000 price tag and necessity to travel across the country.  I did enter the contest she sponsored.  Shortly after that I received an email from her offering an 80% discount on the conference fee.  When I asked my inner knowing whether to go or not, I got a full-body vibrating “Yes”—one of the strongest ever.  I already had two other trips planned for September and wasn’t sure where the budget for plane fare was coming from, but I listened to my higher knowing and signed up.  Boy what validation I got! 

Christine had carefully planned every detail of the ambiance and love energy of the environment she created for us, from the backdrop of the stage, to the alter where we brought our item to share, to the music she played as we gathered which she had played as she meditated about us before we came.  But there was no script, no power point, no agenda, and no handouts.  She used each present moment to respond to the needs of our group.  The result:  divine appointments, deep healings, authentic sharing that formed lasting bonds and true co-creation.  It is a model for meaningful gatherings of this time, and the impetus for my latest transformation and the transformation of the workshop I was offering.  Every day people were meeting one another for the first time, feeling a deep resonance and discovering how they could help one another with needs they had and hadn’t known how they were possibly going to solve them.  I call these Divine Appointments, and I had at least five.  I have had confirmation since returning that at least three of those people have been present in my past lives—a subject for another time. 

We have come to a time since 2012 where operating your life on old mental pros and cons, the  tried and true, lists and schedules or the opinions of others (even most of society) just does not work.  Courage to step out of your comfort zone is a prime skill for moving forward now.  Our children can lead us in this skill if we let them.  When I introduce children to the energy ball and they see and feel how we are all connected energetically, they don’t say,”That’s not what my Dad says,” or “I’ve never seen that before so it isn’t true.”  Their eyes open wide and they excitedly ask for more.  Their inner knowing validates and that’s all they need. 

Do you slow down to get quiet inside and ask what your body/Higher Self knows before you make a decision, or do you quickly mentally evaluate using the criteria you have used for years?  When you do get an inside voice telling you to go a way that you know will bring criticism, do you hush that voice and rationalize why you can’t follow your intuition?  When the inner answer brings up fear of the unknown do you close down and avoid action?  (I know all of these well).  Or—can you open your heart to the support available from the Universe, from trust of your Higher Self, from your own creative power?  Try practicing on little decisions like staying home or going out; watching TV or calling a friend.  Then you can make the courageous choices that can change your life.