What is a Mentor?


NOTE: Aspects of coaching may be included in mentoring & vice versa. Therapy is always separate.

MENTORING IS TRANSFORMATION AND EXPANSION OF THE WHOLE PERSON/FAMILY: Mentoring has one overall goal: transformation of the individual (or family system). There may be areas of focus with sub-goals to assist the overall goal, but they are flexible as you evolve. Mentoring relies on the relationship between you and your mentor who shares his/her greater experience with issues of your life. Mentoring is never remedial—it is enhancing and expanding and enlightening. It is long-term, usually six months or more. It is an investment in who you are, not what you do or know. It is a two-way, non-hierarchical relationship that allows you to find your answers through a mutually designed program.

COACHING IS GUIDED LEARNING OF SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: Coaching is more short-term, is focused on goals, skills and performance and the coach directs the learning. Life changes are usually focused in one area of living. It may be an individualized relationship or a prescribed system of learning with the coach more as a teacher and may be offered entirely online with minimal personal interaction.

PSYCHOTHERAPY/COUNSELING IS FOCUSED ON DIAGNOSIS OF AND RELIEF OF DYSFUNCTION: Therapy gives the therapist responsibility for diagnosing, remediating and providing solutions to the client’s difficulty in some area of life function. Although a specific number of sessions may be recommended, the service is provided on a session by session basis.

“You have come to this earth plane for a reason. You may have some idea of what that is or you may not yet have a clue. Yes, you are the new. You are the embryos, fetuses, infants of the new humanity—and you cannot realize your purpose without choosing to be truly here. You have the energetic structure, the knowledge, the multidimensional connection, the skills that are critically needed for humanity to move into its next more loving, evolved, expanded phase. You are here for a reason: a beautiful, magnificent, awe-inspiring reason; to bring cosmic love to this planet. You can bring the higher vibrations here to earth, but unless you choose to accept being of earth, being fully present here while fully connected to All That Is, we lose your gifts and that is such a loss for humanity and for you.”

NOTE: This was in reference to the youth of our new generation and those I call “pioneering souls”.