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Kathryn Brewer

Marriage and Family Therapist

    (California License MFC9306)

Licensed Educational Psychologist

    (Inactive CA License LEP624)

Credentialed School Psychologist

Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide


For more information, or to schedule a complimentary thirty-minute phone or in-person Discovering Possibilities session, please call 805-550-2625.

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 NOTE:  Aspects of coaching may be included in mentoring & vice versa.  Therapy is always separate. 

MENTORING IS TRANSFORMATION AND EXPANSION OF THE WHOLE PERSON/FAMILY:  Mentoring has one overall goal:  transformation of the individual (or family system).  There may be areas of focus with sub-goals to assist the overall goal, but they are flexible as you evolve.  Mentoring relies on the relationship between you and your mentor who shares his/her greater experience with issues of your life.  Mentoring is never remedial—it is enhancing and expanding and enlightening...Read More  


Created for "Today's Kids" and Their Adults

There has never been a time when the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child" was more true. Parenting in isolation no longer works, at least if you want your sanity and to foster the best your child(ren) can be.

  1. Do your child(ren) blow you away with their vocabulary, talents, and depth of thinking?
  2. Do you struggle to understand them and why all the usual ways of behavior management do not work? Time out, taking away, even rewards don't change behavior.
  3. Do you know they are unhappy, frustrated, bored even though you shower them with love and activities
  4. Do they seem to trigger certain adults and become targets for negative consequences?
  5. Do they "space out" and ignore you without physical touch?
  6. Do you sometimes feel at your wit's end and lost as to what to try next?
  7. Do you know they are amazing and brilliant and yet they are sometimes clueless and just don't "get" what you want them to do.
  8. Does your heart sometimes ache at how people misunderstand them and judge them?
  9. Are they the most loving, caring, creative people of any age that you know?

 If you would sigh with relief to find some answers and would welcome being guided by someone who has been there and can offer innovative approaches to co-create a life-style that brings out the creative best in all family members, then this mentoring program may be for you.

Your experience is individualized and unique, utilizing all the intuitive, spiritual, psychological, practical and scientific tools I have learned in over three decades of study and as a psychotherapist and educational psychologist. The program is tailored to your family and will include whole family sessions along with a combination of parent sessions, child sessions, or sibling sessions. There is an option for additional sessions at a reduced rate to include other people who are integral to the child's life.

If this seems like a possible fit for your family, contact Kathryn for a free Discovering Possibilities Session to see if this program is for you. More information is available on the website, especially the Today's Kids page.



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