Phoenix Effect Process


The Phoenix Effect Process (PEP) is an adaptation of John Mace’s process created by Dr. Gloria Arenson.  It is based on the ideas that our emotions are neurological/electrochemical responses and habits in the brain and that they come from the meaning we make of what happens.  We can become the observer of what happened and change the meaning, see it in a new way, knowing it is over and create a new way of responding to life.  PEP is not talk-therapy, and almost no discussion of the problem or event is needed.  It is rare to feel any re-experiencing of trauma.  The “real you” is a Being beyond your emotions, mind or body, and it is that “pure” original Essence of you that is accessed in this process using imagery, dis-identification and focus in the present moment.  It shifts the electrochemical and energetic pattern that held your reaction.  People who have experienced this process have been symptom-free in follow-up many months later.  As with all releasing/healing modalities, it is important to find what clicks and helps you move into feeling freedom and joy in your life.  The website for the creator of PEP, Gloria Arenson, is

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Working with Kathryn is peaceful, empowering time well spent! In my time with her, I was encouraged to listen to my inner voice. She worked so fluidly with me that when my insights bubbled up, it was as if there was no interruption in our process at all! She just went with the flow, and in a way that preserved a flexible structure. Shifting was effortless! ~~  Kari Joly’Estill