~ Project Light Rwanda

Create Global Healing/Project LIGHT Rwanda

 I would love for all people to be able to experience working in a truly third-world country, and most of all Africa.  Since that is not possible, I try to bring as much of the energy of those experiences back here to share through my workshops and by telling the stories of healing the deep wounds of genocide. 


I have been more deeply affected by my work with genocide orphans in Rwanda than any previous life experience.  Despite witnessing and experiencing atrocities that the mere description of them left me literally breathless, these young people are the most loving, appreciative and creative I have met.  If these students who lived through the worst that can be done by human beings can heal and forgive, anyone can.                            PICTURE:  PLR Ambassadors “Switching the Plank”–Heart-Centered Leadership Training

In four years Project LIGHT was able to bring Ramera Mbogo orphanage from the brink of closure because of trauma outbreaks and inability to educate, to being considered a model school for the region.  Nevertheless, the needs of the 500 students continued to be overwhelming.  When they graduate from the high school orphanage, even though our training increased the passing rate on the government test that allows them to go to a university to 86%, there are no funds for students to enroll.  They can’t stay at the orphanage and they are not prepared with job skills or opportunities for training.  Most have no family to go live with or help them out, and many end up sharing tiny quarters in the forest or on the streets in the capital city of Kigali.
When we asked them what they really needed, they said they need to heal the trauma, to be taught skills and guided to find work, and to learn how to help others.  Project LIGHT answered by starting with rapid trauma healing using energy psychology and energy medicine,  training them to be peer counselors. They were then trained in heart-centered transformational leadership.  The program completes with entrepreneurship training and setting them up in a green business incubator. 
When youth have hope for a future in which they can provide for their needs and those of their families and they have been able to clear their debilitating memories to find inner peace, they have no need to create violence.  Our first Project LIGHT Ambassadors exceeded our dreams, and have become beacons of creativity, hope, service and success.  Eight of the thirteen have graduated from University, two going on for advanced degrees.  Two have established very successful businesses, four are married and working and all continue to support one another and inspire their communities. Project LIGHT is an opportunity to make a real difference in healing a nation, and can be an example for many other violence-torn communities.