School Programs

Teachers and staff at schools today are charged with the magnificent task of developing the
skills and capacities of our youth to prepare them for the future. Changes in technology,
society and in the youth themselves are challenging the old systems tremendously. Innovation
is critically needed, and the time and resources available to teachers are limited.
Team Transition is a program with my co-creator, Janet Caliri (Creator of Visible Transitions),
that offers innovative material combining science, experience, creativity, self-awareness, and
co-creative service to expand opportunities for development of:

  • Subtle awareness
  •  Resilience
  • Holographic (big picture) learning and creating
  •  Actually making a difference locally or globally

See the Flyer for TEAM TRANSITION HERE for more details


The upcoming program, Peace Hacking, focuses on self-soothing, resilience, and claiming
responsibility for managing one’s own emotions and reactions. It gives students a sense of:

  •  Great personal power
  •  Relief from stress
  •  Increased compassion for self and others.

Both programs offer staff training as a component so that they can also reap the benefits and
feel confident in guiding their students to become more proficient in the skills they are learning.