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Phoenix Effect Process Evolutionary Child Exploration Family Harmony Accelerator School Programs

MISSION STATEMENT:  Today’s Awakened Families creates spaces and programs for children and their adults that open their awareness of their expanded capacities and their opportunities to enhance the well-being of themselves, humanity and our planet.  All generations are brought together in mutual love and interdependence, creating the village that raises our children and forms the template for a future that supports all beings.     

VISION STATEMENT:  Families, schools and communities become nurturers of youth and our global future.  The evolutionary youth of today are understood, honored, connected and inspired to bring their gifts and talents to co-create a future where all beings and the planet are honored and supported in love.  The youth feel confident, supported and passionate, and parents relax into clarity and comfort about their roles and the guidance they offer. 


Please take advantage of your complimentary 30-minute phone or Zoom Possibilities Session to get acquainted and to receive some insight into what you are wanting for your future. I am committed to being helpful whether or not it is appropriate for us to work together further. Who knows what nuggets of insight you might find?



All sessions are customized to your, or your family’s needs. Sessions are in the mentoring model and are not psychotherapy. If past beliefs and habits are found to be limiting what you want in life, then energy psychology techniques may be used to quickly and gently release those patterns.  Sessions may be 60, 75 or 90 minutes in length and for one person or combinations of family members. They may be in-person in Novato or via Zoom. Occasional local home-visit sessions are possible.  Multiple-session packages are available. One-half day VIP sessions are also available.                                     415-534-5896