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Kathryn Brewer

Marriage and Family Therapist

    (California License MFC9306)

Licensed Educational Psychologist

    (Inactive CA License LEP624)

Credentialed School Psychologist

Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide


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Inspire and connect young children to all that is, and to their part in co-creating all that's possible.



 There are many labels floating around and landing on  young people these days.  They have been called the "iGeneration", "New Humans", "New Kids", "Millennial Children", "Indigoes", Crystals", "Rainbow Kids", "Star Children", "Full Spectrum Kids", "Children of the New Earth", "The Children of Now", "Transition Kids", "The Highly Sensitive Child" and more.  Although there are specific characteristics assigned to the labels, all of these youth have more sensitive neurological/sensory systems than the typical child.  Each child is unique, but a few of the characteristics often listed are


Very low tolerance for unfairness & phoniness     Don't respond to guilt trips-want reasons

Bored easily & crave novelty, creativity                May have psychic gifts/just "know" things

Have extreme empathy or NO empathy               Are considered daydreamers, visionaries

Think abstractly very young                                Impatient & are tortured by waiting

Ask very deep quesitons                                     Do many things at once

Often labeled with ADHD, ADD or Asperger's       Relate closely to only a very few people

Want to make the world a better place                Can go from low self-esteem to grandiosity

Are unusually talented or intelligent                    Do not accept authority without choice


When I started working in schools four decades ago, there would occasionally be a student with amazing insights, creativity and sensitivity, but it was rare.  In the last decade I see classrooms, especially in charter or alternative schools, that have a majority of children who are said to "march to their own drummer" and who learn in unique, rapid ways that do not require repetition or practice or even writing to grasp the whole concept or body of information.  They do not respond to the typical behavior management methods, and many teachers and parents are at a loss about how to manage them and have them be "successful" in the standard definition of achieving good grades, social popularity, compliant behavior and happy dispositions.  

There is now an abundance of information on the internet about these children.  For one short video to introduce them click here.  Since this video was produced other labels have been assigned to these children, but they all can be called just "today's kids" with each having their own unique set of abilities. Not all are obviously psychic.



There is an overwhelming amount of information available in print and online about Today's Kids.  Perspectives range from controlled science to the esoteric which is beyond understanding of the typical person.  I have created a bibliography of resources that I feel hold a wide range of information and have practical usefulness.  They are heavy with labels, so please look beyond those to the information that will help children.  Click here  to get your copy.  You are welcome to share, but please include the source and my contact information.