~ What About Today’s Kids?



              WHO ARE TODAY’S KIDS?

“Remember, your children are your elders in Universe time.  They have come into a more complete, more evolved Universe than you or I can know.  We can only see that Universe through their eyes.” —  Buckminster Fuller


There is data about many of the young people born since 1982 (Millenials) and more about those born since 2000 and more about those born since 2012.  My observation is that although there are characteristics in common for these groups, the early childhood environment shapes how they are expressed to a large degree.  All of the youth who show unique capacities (the percentage is higher with each decade) have more sensitive neurological/sensory systems than the typical child/youth.  Each child is unique, but a few of the characteristics often listed for about one-third of those born since 2000 are-

    • Very low tolerance for unfairness & phoniness       


    • Bored easily & crave novelty, creativity                      


    • Highly environmentally sensitive                               


    • Think abstractly very young                                          


    • Ask very deep quesitons                                                 


    • Often labeled with ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s      


    • Want to make the world a better place                


    • In the “gifted” range of talent & intelligence      


  • Don’t respond to guilt trips-want reasons
  • May have psychic gifts/just “know” things
  • Are considered daydreamers, visionaries
  • Very impatient & are tortured by waiting
  • Do many things at once successfully
  • Often choose narrow but deep interests
  • Can go from low self-esteem to grandiosity
  • Do not accept authority without choice

When I started working in schools four decades ago, there would occasionally be a student with amazing insights, creativity and sensitivity, but it was rare.  In this last decade I see classrooms, especially in charter or alternative schools, that have a majority of children who are said to “march to their own drummer” and who learn in unique, rapid ways that do not require repetition or practice or even writing to grasp the whole concept or body of information.  They do not respond to the typical behavior management methods, and many teachers and parents are at a loss about how to manage them and have them be “successful” in the standard definition of achieving good grades, social popularity, compliant behavior and happy dispositions.

You, the parent, grandparent, teacher, therapist, are the tool.  The tools you learn to guide today’s kids are secondary to you yourself becoming a honed tool.  That is what Guiding Today’s Youth brings uniquely to the field of child guidance. It is more than education, it is more than mentoring or coaching.  It is diving into the flow of transformation.  In your heart, your gut, your soul, you know that the typical is no longer working.  You know you do not have all the models of how to support and nurture this generation of today. Our minds cannot bring us the answers. Alone, we can find only partial answers. Together we can create a field that will open us to receive the answers that are new, unique, evolutionary–and effective! 

Tools will emerge, but not the tools of the past.  You will become new yourself, free from the past shackles of generations of knowing only control and fear.  Can you feel the excitement, the building joy, the pending miracles?  Many of your children can; that is, if they have not already dulled their sensitivities in an attempt to escape the pain of a society so far from what they know can be.  We are on the brink of truly knowing we are all One, of knowing none of us thrive unless all do, of knowing there are limitless possibilities when we allow our higher wisdom to be in charge, of making choices based on what is for the good of the whole.  If these knowings deeply resonate with you, come join other deep and courageous thinkers to create Guiding Today’s Youth and unleash the leaders of the future.            


There is an overwhelming amount of information available in print and online about Today’s Kids.  Perspectives range from controlled science to the esoteric which may be beyond the comfort level for the typical person.  I have created a bibliography of resources that I feel hold a wide range of information and have practical usefulness. Click Here: Todays Kids Bibliography 2018 to get your copy.  You are welcome to share, but please include the source and contact information.

Although labels can be overused and even damaging, they do provide recognition that a pattern or condition does exist.  Other labels have been assigned to children since this video was made.  It reports related scientific information and gives a picture of some of the characteristics.  As with much of media, the most dramatic examples are chosen in this documentary, and many children have more subtle abilities but still are sensing the world much differently than our systems are prepared to nurture.