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Kathryn Brewer

Marriage and Family Therapist

    (California License MFC9306)

Licensed Educational Psychologist

    (Inactive CA License LEP624)

Credentialed School Psychologist

Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide


For more information, or to schedule a complimentary thirty-minute phone or in-person Discovering Possibilities session, please call 805-550-2625.

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Tools to Move Family Challenges out of Control, and into Harmony

2.5 hour workshop for anyone who is influential in a child's life.   

Science and sages tell us that everything is energy. How do we use that knowledge to parent, guide and more deeply understand our children?

Experience a set of tools that can
• Stop the cycle of the same old behaviors

• See beyond the moment and find solutions

 • Get more grounded and focused

• Bring more harmony and joy to your family 


Basic (2-hour) and more advanced (3-hour) workshops for professionals, parents or interested adults or teens.   

Learn more about the young people who struggle with fitting in at school, with peers or even family, yet are wise beyond their years and incredibly intelligent or gifted.  There is evidence that they may be the new genetically advanced generation and require a re-evaluation of our perspectives, systems and approaches in order to make life more successful for everyone.  Experiences will include:

MORNING (Basic):

·         Exercises to enhance grounding, self-awareness, expansion & shift of perception

·         Information about the unique qualities and traits of children today. 

·         Suggestions regarding needs of all highly sensitive children

AFTERNOON: (Must have taken Basic):

·         More specific information about characteristics & how they impact school, home

·         Experiences with modalities found to assist children and adults to be more successful in           typical settings and to enhance their gifts such as HeartMath, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, brainwave training, oils, etc. 





90-minute Power Point & experiential workshops given on a donation basis (Shared with  Create Global Healing, creator of the International Youth Healing Center)

Hear & see the work Kathryn participated in to transform the trauma of the genocide orphans into forgiveness, hope and joy.  Try an energy psychology exercise yourself, and learn about the first Project LIGHT Rwanda International Youth Healing Center which combines trauma healing, entrepreneurship, a green business incubator, and heart-centered leadership training.  it is now expanding to Australia and the U.S.  


Individual and group training sessions are offered for this simple, yet profoundly effective technique to bring your heart and brain into cooperation and optimal functioning.  Click here for the Energy Psychology page for information and a video.



What does PLANETARY AWAKENING mean to you? 

Explore this in a resonant circle.  Our responses will be recorded to help form the Vision 2020:  The Planetary Awakening in Love global celebration. This is an opportunity to make a difference. 

This is not a workshop or class. This is an opportunity to experience co-creating the future. This is an opportunity to find aspects of yourself that are waiting to be discovered.  This is an opportunity to be a pioneer in the next step of moving humanity toward a world where everyone thrives. All who feel the inner call are welcome.  For the next event please email or call 415-534-5896 



 Our energetic environments are changing—inner, outer, planetary, and cosmic.  How do we adjust and keep pace with what is in our best interest and allows the greatest possibilities for all aspects of our lives?  How do we contribute to the evolution of humanity and our planet?  One way is to participate in Resonant (or Evolutionary) Circles that connect us with the Universal Field (Intelligence) in the present moment.   Guidelines are designed to calm the ego and more easily allow us to communicate from our Essence.  Join us to learn this amazing “new paradigm” tool that models and creates the form for future social interaction.

  These circles have been shown to

  • Bring clarity to personal issues and decisions or organizational questions
  • Open greater awareness of the "Big Picture" and our position in it
  • Open channels of creativity and possibility
  • Assist the shift in consciousness of our planet as we create a resonant field