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Kathryn Brewer

Marriage and Family Therapist

    (California License MFC9306)

Licensed Educational Psychologist

    (Inactive CA License LEP624)

Credentialed School Psychologist

Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide


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"MY AwwwSOME STORY" children's book.  Click here for "Books"
Inspire and connect children to all that is, and to their part in co-creating all that's possible.



All things evolve--babies, ecological systems, businesses, relationships, seasons, Earth, galaxies, etc.  We are the first generations of humans that are consciously aware of our own place in and connection to the process of evolution.  Some of us feel an inner urge compelling us to seek what we feel is possible for human society to become--cooperation instead of competition, connection instead of isolation, regeneration instead of disintegration.  It is the African concept/practice of Ubuntu--Oneness of all life.      

From throughout the world, the wisest of us are seeing a similar solution. For the first time in history we understand that our thoughts/energy create. We know that groups of us joined together with a focused intent affect outcomes. We know that nature promotes those organisms that cooperate, and that nature inherently wants to seek balance. We know that evolution has happened in leaps and spurts throughout history, beginning with the Big Bang. We know deep in our core that we can make a difference in ourselves and through that, in our planet. But how?

It begins with becoming acutely aware in every moment of the effect of what we think and do on others and the environment. We each find our individual way of connecting to the Essence, God part, Universal Intelligence of our inner being and coming to the place where we can choose to allow that part to manage our Ego—not destroy our Ego. It is through our Local, Individual, Ego Self that we make things happen in the world. The source of what those things will be now comes from our Essence, Higher Self, Divine Field, Universal Intelligence, God Within or whatever words make that real for you.  What a gift to experience the unlimited possibilities of living in these times!


A video by Gregg Braden, former silicon valley engineer turned global spiritual seeker, describes just three of the scientific experiments that validate the power of shared human intent and emotion:



Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Shift Network, The Thrive Movement and others have divided society into twelve sectors in order to better organize the needs and resources and innovations for the world that works for all.  The Wheel of Co-Creation below is an image of the process of evolution and where humanity seems to be at the present moment.  Here is the link to the definitions of the Sectors of a CoCreative Society:Sector definitions.



One of the most powerful tools for learning to center ourselves in our Essence and stay there while we interact with others is the Resonant or Evolutionary Circle.  It is considered a prototype for social interaction of the future, and uses four simple guiderules (modified from Vistar Circles) to tame the Ego and allow the participants to create a resonant field, or combined energy that is more than the sum of the individuals present.  The Circles that I facilitated have become a high priority of spiritual, evolutionary practice for each person.  See Classes and Workshops under Being Essence for current circles or contact me to create one for your group.



Buckminster Fuller has called Barbara Marx Hubbard “the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.” For the "Mother" of Conscious Evolution (Foundation for Conscious Evolution) and all her inspired writings, videos and courses, go to

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