Helping light holders and
change makers
 expand their
impact and shape the future
they want to see

I’m so excited to be a contributing author to this

life-changing book

What if your next life challenge could be the springboard to your greatest  Joy and Success?

Hi, I’m Kathryn.

I’m on a mission to help teachers, coaches, therapists, doctors and other change-makers on the evolutionary path deepen their spiritual connection and make the difference they are here to make.

Do you resonate?


You help people live better, more fulfilling lives

Transforming yourself and  guiding others 

is your mission and life path

There is nothing more important to you than fully expressing your gifts and knowing, in your bones, the difference you are here to make 

and you’re affected by the emotional state of others and the world

  • You give a lot of yourself and don’t get the results you are expecting. 
  • Your usual methods to move out of stuck places are no longer reliable.
  • You often feel unsure and alone.
  • Losing your enthusiasm and creative flow leaves you stuck and frustrated. 

You are recognized as a leader in your field, yet you know you are holding yourself back

You long for that sense of expansion and alignment you know is possible

Deep down inside, you want to be fully seen and appreciated
for the gift that you are to the world


To co-create a new paradign for catalyzing change
that is in alignment with the new energies of the planet

  • Much of what you’re feeling is not you, it’s your response to mass consciousness and the shifts we are all experiencing at this time on the planet.
  • We are in a crucial time as humanity, and you are playing a role in the huge shift in consciousness. This is a time of opportunity to raise our vibration as the planet raises hers, and your soul has chosen to be here at this time to help the Earth.
  • The new energies now support people to connect with and express their Highest Being. Everything becomes available when we connect to our hearts, quickly and instantly. The new generation is teaching us that.
  • Yet a lot of what we do as change agents is old paradigm. Some of the typical methods we’ve been using for decades now slow down the healing process. They are too focused in the third dimension paradigm of separation. They interfere with your effectiveness, and you work harder and end up exhausted!

When we operate from the fifth dimension manifestation is quicker and time is more fluid

We allow our gifts to come out, and we contribute without limits


  • Knowledge about cosmic energy and the process of evolution in order to support our new generation and fully express ourselves in this new space.
  • Feel our partnership with the earth.
  • Honor the power of our hearts and connect to the Divine Feminine inside.
  • New understanding of our Inner Voice.
  • Clear ancestral and karmic energies.
  • Acknowledge and learn from our children and our youth.

When we change ourselves and model our mastery of this plane,
we help our new generation navigate and manifest with greater ease

When we commit to expressing our full purpose, we open love and joy for ourselves and all we touch

I would be honored to walk with you on your  journey

"Kathryn helped me step into a whole other level of speaking my truth. As a coach and facilitator of change myself, I knew how important full alignment and clarity was. Before working with Kathryn, I had worked with many coaches and healers on healing past trauma, but no one had gone as deep as Kathryn did in such a short amount of time. After just one session with Kathryn, I felt my life force come back into my body and settled into a deeper sense of peace and groundedness. I recommend Kathryn to any agent of transformation on the evolutionary path who believes in the power of energy medicine."


This story touches the deepest inner knowing within children.

It validates their urge to make the world a better place and confirms that they have the ability to achieve that.