Hi, fellow lightholders!

Our world needs more authenticity, creativity, kindness and beauty. 

When more aligned humans can stand in love and equality, come together and express who they are we co-create more harmony, connection and true healing, for ourselves and our planet. 


If you’re here, you know there is a better way,
and you are determined to find it.

  • You feel called to contribute to the evolution of humanity.
  • You believe the earth is evolving, and we are evolving with it.
  • You know we can’t do it alone any more, that we must do it together.
  • You love the new generation and see the message they are here to bring.
  • Yet you know you’re missing the mark of your potential to make a difference. 
  • Making things happen can feel like walking through wet cement.
  • And let’s be honest, feeling frustrated and alone feels lousy.
  • The financial reward you are receiving does not match the effort you expend.

How it all started

I came into this life with a bang. Actually – a Near Death Experience during birth that set me up with gifts and perspectives that didn’t fit my conservative religious Kansas family and tiny town at all.  

Remembering another way to live that was based on love, connection and compassion for all beings which I called “big love” created great bewilderment as I observed how people treated one another and animals.

This was compounded by what I later learned was intense empathic feeling in my body of other’s physical and emotional states.  

I was harshly punished for not behaving in the expected compliant and unthinking way. I learned that people were not interested in what I had to say and that something—I didn’t know exactly what—was wrong with me. I felt I didn’t belong here. 

By age nine I suppressed all of my abilities except the empathic awareness which wouldn’t go away.  I disowned large parts of myself.

Decades later...

I found myself near death in the ER. After recovering from the drugs given to me, I realized I would die if I did not reclaim who I really was. 

So I found meditation and began the journey back to myself. 

I divorced and went back to school for a second Master’s Degree.

I remarried.

My mini dark-nights-of-the-soul

I had what looked like a very successful life – the big house on the hill, a respected profession, an above average income and a well-behaved blended family.  

Yet inside I was empty, disillusioned and grieving the loss of the ideal family. I didn’t want to be here on Earth anymore, it was just too hard. Nothing in the outside world had really changed in how people treated one another. I was just good enough in my work, way below my own standards of excellence, and felt like a failure, as this second marriage was ending and I was losing connection with my step children.

My saving grace

A client introduced me to a metaphysical, mystical center that opened my awareness to how I was creating my own reality and validated the cosmic energy communication and understanding that I had all my life.

I found support to open to the power of my heart, reclaim and expand my gifts and clear limiting patterns that I had held for centuries.

Mentoring I received from this center supported me to accept and more fully express my purpose.

Noticing the light reflecting in the raindrops on the leaves

I would love to meet you in person someday to tell you more about how I recovered the lost parts of me and mutually share our stories of transformation.

I am now present in the moment, so that I notice the small magic in life. I have discovered the joy of relishing being human. I’m no longer second-guessing myself and can get out of my own way.  I accept, allow and expand the gifts I have been given.

All of those life experiences prepared me to now serve leaders, evolutionaries, children and families as we mutually navigate “the shift of the ages” on Earth.

Loving life in all its beauty and its challenges and allowing your gifts to flow are available to you, too


  • I have 4 decades of experience working with youth and families, and I have been on a path of healing of my own for over 4 decades.
  • I use a unique blend of practical science, energy psychology, high vibrational spiritual tools, and cutting-edge techniques to shift patterns and habits on a deep level.
  • I hold a field of love that calms people in chaos and allows children to feel safe and open up to me.  

I work fluidly with your own intuition, knowingness and Inner Voice. I hold you and  go on your inner journey where you need to go. I don’t give you the answers, I guide you to find them for yourself. In the process, you get to connect with and trust more in your own Inner Guidance. 


  • I see or feel what is in the way of the full expression of your Being and assist you in removing it.
  • I can help you clear past lives and old karmic/ ancestral energies that keep you stuck and re-align your energy field so you can realize your greatest potential. This process often releases massive amounts of energy and can stimulate diminishing physical symptoms.  Some people feel giddy, giggly, and most feel a new lightness and spaciousness.


  • Have a deep commitment to their own evolution and living from love.
  • Are open-minded, courageous, self-aware, responsible, compassionate, respectful, and a clear communicator. 
  • Are curious and open to exploring karmic/ ancestral energies. 
  • Understand that all life experiences are for their benefit, to help them learn and grow. 
  • Have a spiritual or meditation practice.  
  • Love learning about energy and the wider Universe.  
  • Appreciate children and youth, and are excited to co-create with them new  techniques, perceptions, programs and systems for the future. 
ready to get started?


  • I love ecstatic dance and Biodanza.
  • I was a competitive-level West Coast Swing dancer for decades until an auto accident stopped me in 2013.
  • I lose myself in books and movies.
  • I don’t own a TV!
  • I talk to trees, plants and goldfish.
  • If you want to have lunch with me, I may spend an hour researching a place that offers what agrees with my body. 


  • I worked for over four decades as a School Psychologist and simultaneously as an LMFT.   
  • I’ve been an energy worker on and off for over 3 decades. 
  • I began channeling in 2012.    
  • I co-founded a non-profit spiritual counseling center in 1990. 
  • I was on staff and on the healing team at a Center for Transformation for 7 years.
  • I am a Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Guide
  • I am certified in an energy psychology technique.

I’m so excited to be a contributing author to this

life-changing book

What if your next life challenge could be the springboard to your greatest  Joy and Success?