“Realign with your Design”program

A comprehensive, individualized, 6-month program for conscious leaders who want more ease, more free time and more impact.

As leaders, we need to constantly re-evaluate ourselves and our offerings and clear inner blocks and outdated beliefs to change and expand in order to best serve our clients. Setting up systems, structures and practices that support us is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

The great news is that your Soul has a unique design for this life. When you know your design and live in alignment with it, you can more fully create the satisfaction, influence and joy you were meant to have.

Through this program, you will:

  • Know the comprehensive plan your soul directed for your life ~ Live with comfort, flow and trust in yourself and life/Source.
  • Have a strategy that works when you are faced with decisions or challenges ~ Know “I’ve got this!”
  • Explain your needs and behavior to yourself and others ~ Enjoy deeper intimacy and relationship harmony.
  • Feel supported to implement changes in your life that can open your greatest potential and your deepest satisfaction ~ Be in awe of the life you are creating.
  • Understand what work is most resonant with you, expand it and feel energized by it ~ Wake up motivated and joyful in anticipation of your day.
  • Embody and live your purpose and master the lessons you set for yourself for this life ~ Live in amazement and gratitude, deeply satisfied with the influence you bring toward a future that serves all.


Step #1
  • We start with a comprehensive overview of your blueprint through the following powerful lenses:


  1. Cosmic Numerology
  2. Karmic Astrology
  3. Highly Sensitive Person’s Checklist 
  4. Evolutionary Personality Checklist 
  5. Maori Mandala
  6. Human Design 
Step #2
  • We gather information that becomes a huge matrix of YOU in all your magnificent complexity.
    This is your Evolutionary Flight Plan.
    This individualized plan will:

  • Give you insights and practical solutions to existing problems through a written report and a 2-hour results session on Zoom
  • Increase your confidence and ease
  • Save you time 
Step #3
  • We use your Evolutionary Flight Plan to reassess your life goals and set intentions for our next 5 months together.

Step #4
  • We meet biweekly for 90-minutes to embody your understanding of how to live your design and how it’s affecting the situations you experience.  The R4 Quantum System (Request, Receive, Release and Recalibrate) clears deeply held emotions, energies and erroneous beliefs that come to light from our work together.  In between sessions you complete recommended practices for expansion (homework) and have one 20-minute check-in call.

Curious if this is for you?

“I love the work I did with Kathryn! My energy was at a critically low point and I felt completely drained and overwhelmed. Her Evolutionary Flight Plan was so helpful for me to see myself and know what is truly me. I finally understand so much of who I came here to be through her words and insights. I have listened to the recording, taken notes and have used the information to shift how I’m doing my days. I am regaining my energy. Now I will be ready for what is mine to do in the world. I am so grateful to Kathryn and the gifts she shares.”


"Kathryn helped me step into a whole other level of speaking my truth. As a coach and facilitator of change myself, I knew how important full alignment and clarity was. Before working with Kathryn, I had worked with many coaches and healers on healing past trauma, but no one had gone as deep as Kathryn did in such a short amount of time. After just one session with Kathryn, I felt my life force come back into my body and settled into a deeper sense of peace and groundedness. I recommend Kathryn to any agent of transformation on the evolutionary path who believes in the power of energy medicine.”


“I originally came to Kathryn because I had resistance to speaking and conducting workshops. While I was successful at being a compelling speaker, I dreaded the practice and enrollment process. During my first session with Kathryn, we discovered that I had been wearing an energy cap that limited me in many ways. Since removing that energy cap, I have been more confident and able to own and express myself powerfully. I had also spent my life being "out of my body". As a result of our session, I now feel willing, comfortable and able to be in my body in a joyful, loving and accepting way. This healing was HUGE and life changing. I am forever grateful to Kathryn and her healing guidance.”